Firewood Measurements:

•Face cord: 8'x4'
•½ cord:  12'x4'
•Full cord:  24'x4' (3 facecords)
All firewood is cut 16"-18"

Firewood Pricelist:

Mixed Hardwood 
Oak, Black Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Hickory, Locust  
■Face cord: $120
■1/2 cord:  $155
■Full cord: $300

100% Oak Firewood 
Hot, longer burning, Perfect for home
■Face cord: $150

Fruit Fire Wood
Cherrywood, Hickory & Applewood
Perfect for smoking meats
■Face cord: $160


  $10 per face cord within 15' of truck    
$20 per face cord 15'+ of truck
$25 per Cord within 15' of truck
$60 per  cord 15'+ of truck

Kindling bags - $10
Campfire Bundles - $5 contains 6pc of firewood
(discount for large quantities)

***All of our wood is also available for self-serve pick up on our lot. 
You can get 1 stick or a truck load.  

***Delivery Charges  apply outside of City of Rockford

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